Emergency Services

At Oakdale Community Hospital, we have developed an outstanding Emergency services team who are experienced in caring for patients during a health crisis. From auto accidents, to broken bones and cuts, to acute respiratory problems, heart attack and stroke, and more, our ER team’s first goal is to diagnose and quickly stabilize patients. All of our ER nursing team receive advanced training in emergency medicine and trauma care.

If an ER patient needs hospitalization, the ER team works with the nursing team on the floor to ensure a seamless continuum of care during the admission process.

At the helm of our Emergency Department are our ER physicians who are trained in emergency medicine and are board certified or board eligible in their respective areas of medicine. From diagnosis to treatment, their focus is on ensuring the best possible outcome given the illness, injury, or condition. They work quickly and utilize the hospital’s imaging and laboratory services to ensure appropriate care. Global Physician Network manages our Emergency Medicine Physician Group.